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How to Prevent Grass from Sticking to Your Mower Deck

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One of the most fun activities that we enjoy doing is mowing our garden or lawn. This is something that our daddies and/or grandpa feel comfortable doing in the house during free time. But, have you tried mowing the lawn, and oftentimes, the grass keeps on sticking to the mower deck? We understand that while this is just a petty concern, it can potentially ruin the mood to do house tasks! There are many ways to avoid problems in the mowing activity, whether you call a professional like the tree care services in Delaware County, or read through this blog and solve the issue on your own!    

The mower deck can be found the underneath main part of the lawnmower where the blade of the equipment spins. In a normal circumstance, the equipment will dispense the grass that was cut by the blade, but there are also times that they get stuck to the extent of affecting the mower’s performance.    

The following are the things to do:   

  1. Make some narrow passes – you can prevent grass from sticking to your mower by making narrow passes as you mow the area. This means that you should not mow the entire deck in one sitting and divide the area into two-day cleaning series. The deck would be more likely to be cleaner as there is just less grass that enters it.    
  1. Coat your mower with vegetable oil – Now, this is something unusual to the ears, isn’t it? Although uncommon, coating some vegetable oil on your mower is as effective as cleaning your mower, although this is more on the preventative measures. Vegetable oil serves as an effective lubricant that prevents the grass to stick to the deck as you use your mower. All you need to do is to make sure that your mower is clean and free of grass, and then take some vegetable oil and some paper towel. Soak the paper towel in the vegetable oil and wipe the paper towel to the deck’s surface. When you are finished, you will notice that there would less grass that would stick to your mower.    
  1. Clean your deck – of course, cleaning your deck and the whole mower would be the most common solution there is. Make sure that your mower equipment is turned off before you do anything to it. Firstly, turn off the equipment and plug it off. Then with care, lift the lawnmower and turn it on its side. In removing the grass and the dust, you can use a plastic scraping tool or anything long and a little sharp. Use anything convenient for cleaning to remove the grass and around the mower. There will also be times when you will encounter difficult grass and other dirt. For this, you can use an air compressor. It is believed that some blasts of pressurized air can dislodge hardened grass and other difficult particles that can be found in your mower. Also, it is important to note that you should not use water in cleaning any dirt or removing any grass from your mower.  
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How to Maintain a Normal Body Temperature

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Winter is over and summer is setting in. Because of this, there are a lot of people who dream to have their vacation on the beach. However, if you have a tendency to suffer from heatstroke or you simply do not like a hotter climate, you probably have searched all the means on how to maintain a normal body temperature. Because it is a fact that too much heat in the body can be more harmful than beneficial. 

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Here, we will share with you some of the most effective tips you can do on how to regulate your body temperature amid the warming climate and the setting of summer. 

1. Ensure that you have good air conditioning at home – making sure that you have a well-functioning AC unit is already a preventative measure of hyperthermia. Your AC unit makes that you are provided with a cooler temperature even in a hot climate. If you are having some problems in your AC unit, do not hesitate to contact Dale’s AC and their services. This will be one step forward to having a well-regulated body temperature despite the warming weather. 

2. Avoid extreme temperatures – of course, one of the most effective ways on how to avoid overheating your body is to avoid places and activities that will cause your body to sweat to make it warmer. Rigorous exercise, for example, can cause your body to overheat which results in hyperthermia. This can also worsen when you do physical activities in a very hot or warm environment. Although this will make you sweat more and burn more calories, this will also make you and your cells dehydrated. Avoid going to places that are warmer and strictly avoid yourself from doing physical activities in this kind of environment. 

3. Avoid overexertion – overexertion is overdoing things like strenuous labor or physical activities. In fact, this can cause overheating which can also result in a high fever. When you need to do physical activities, you may need to drink a lot of water or fluids and rest if you feel dizzy. Do not strain yourself from doing labor. Feeling dizzy is already a warning sign made by your body that you are now doing an activity that is beyond your reach. Also if you experience cramps or body weakness, you need to pause from what you are doing and take a rest. It is better to pause for some minutes than to suffer from hyperthermia. 

4. Always rehydrate – there is nothing more important than drinking water in terms of avoiding dehydration. Water rejuvenizes your cells and it is also very important in other body inner functions. 

5. Avoid drugs that can cause fever – taking the wrong med can induce an allergic reaction that leads to an increased body temperature. There are also meds that can cause an increase in metabolism that leads to a rise in body temperature. These medications include seizure medicines, antibiotics, antidepressants, cocaine, among others. 

Body temperature varies from person to person, although a standard body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. When a person is experiencing an abnormal increase in body temperature for a couple of days, there is now a need to consult a medical professional.   

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