Archived: Ways to Use Facebook to Promote your Business for Free

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Business owners, especially young entrepreneurs leverage on social media to get wide product and/or service exposure. Facebook, specifically, has been used for digital marketing as it is one of the most famous and populated social media platforms. However, based on popular belief, advertising on Facebook is already just a thing in the past, and whoever wants to sell on this platform needs to ready themselves with the expected expenses.   

Digital marketing Fayetteville is getting more competitive despite and ensuring that your product and service reach a wide target audience seems a difficult feat. This is why a lot of entrepreneurs hire advertiser experts for marketing.   

The good news is, there are still ways to benchmark on Facebook for advertising for free. Read through to find out.   

1. Utilize Facebook groups – Facebook groups can offer you the same online networking for professionals that LinkedIn provides. Different groups exist that are dedicated to a variety of interests, industries, and professions. The most effective way to be immediately recognized in the group is to regularly participate in the discussions, which is a better option of advertising and promoting your service or product rather than giving direct thoughts and advice.   

2. Make a group – if you want to have the full control of the group page, then starting your own Facebook group is what you should do. Here, you can add certain members, publish articles, restrict posts, carry on discussions, and control the group activities however you want. However, it will also be your responsibility to have many joiners.   

3. Create a fan page – creating a fan page to have a personal business presence on social media is now popular. This is the benefit when you use Facebook rather than LinkedIn. Facebook allows users to create a fan page that lets individuals have accounts for their professional personas separate from their personal accounts.  In this way, followers and customers can have real person-to-person interaction with the people in the company. CEOs, managers, and other constituents of businesses have been employing this technique to promote their brands using their fan pages.   

4. Automate your posts – business owners know that more exposure would lead to more traffic, and more traffic entails more lead. This is why posting on a regular basis is necessary to advertise your business. However, not all of us have the luxury of time, and we need to finish several tasks in a day and posting may not be too practical to prioritize at certain “busy” moments. Fortunately, social media, specifically Facebook, has created solutions for this. Entrepreneurs can now syndicate their blogs by automating certain tasks like posting on a set schedule. There are many tools you can find online to do this.   

5. Stream live videos – streaming and being seen by your customers create immediacy and intimacy on their ends. The unpredictability and rawness of seeing someone on a live stream would hook people to see and anticipate the next scenes you would do. You can utilize this technique and at the same time, talk about your product or service for exposure.   


There are still many ways to use Facebook in advertising for free. Exploring the platform will give you so many insights.